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About the Conference

SCITECHMEETS Conferences welcomes you to attend the International Conference on Surgery and Anesthesia on November 07-08, 2024, in Barcelona | Spain which will provide an outstanding forum for surgeons, healthcare professionals, anaesthesiologists, researchers, scientists, academicians, nurses, trainees, policymakers, industry personnel, and consultants to discuss and address concerns posed by surgeons

The theme of the conference is Global Surgery and Anesthesia: Bridging Gaps, Saving Lives

Surgery and Anesthesia provide you with an opportunity to present keynote talks, Oral presentations, exhibitions, and discussions in learning, creating new connections, and gathering with world-class educators, researchers, and young researchers. We hope that you will make use of this opportunity to join us at our Surgery and Anesthesia conference and make it successful with your participation. The art of anesthesia involves careful patient assessment, selection of the appropriate anesthesia type, and vigilant monitoring during surgery. Risks associated with surgery and anesthesia are managed through advanced techniques and individualized patient considerations. Ongoing innovations, such as robotic surgery and enhanced recovery protocols, are revolutionizing the field. Understanding surgery and anesthesia is essential for both healthcare professionals and patients, as they play a vital role in modern medicine

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Our Sessions / Topics


  •   Orthopedic Surgery
  •   Surgical Techniques
  •   Anesthetic Agents
  •   Perioperative Care
  •   Surgical Instruments
  •   Minimally Invasive Surgery
  •   Anesthesia Monitoring
  •   Surgical Education
  •   Patient Safety
  •   Anesthesia Complications
  •   Surgical Outcomes
  •   Regional Anesthesia
  •   Surgical Infections
  •   Anesthesia Equipment
  •   Laparoscopic Surgery
  •   Pediatric Surgery
  •   Pain Management
  •   Surgical Oncology
  •   Anesthesia for Special Populations
  •   Cardiothoracic Surgery
  •   Anesthesia Pharmacology
  •   Neurosurgery
  •   Anesthesia for Trauma Surgery
  •   Gastrointestinal Surgery
  •   Anesthesia for Obstetrics and Gynecology
  •   Orthopedic Surgery
  •   Anesthesia for Organ Transplants
  •   Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  •   Anesthesia for Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery
  •   Urological Surgery
  •   Anesthesia for Ophthalmic Surgery
  •   Vascular Surgery
  •   Anesthesia for ENT Surgery

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